I am a software engineer based in Calgary.

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About Me

I am a software engineering student currently studying at the University of Calgary. I have a strong understanding of technology and work to create dependable and approachable solutions. I am always eager to grow and learn new things. A team player and leader with expertise in problem-solving and managing challenging engineering projects.

Here are some languages I know:

Java C C++ Python Assembly JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS PHP SQL GraphQL

Here are some technologies I work with:

Node.js Jekyll GitHub Actions Git Three.js React.js Next.js Gatsby.js Docker MongoDB


Software Engineering @ University of Calgary

Sept 2019 - Present

  • 5th Year Student

  • Jason Lang Scholarship

  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern @ Data Intelligence for Health Lab

Sept 2022 - Sept 2023

  • Proposed and implemented scalable solutions to issues identified within the image processing pipeline which improved processing throughput and reduced running costs.

  • Developed web application which allowed researchers to automate their machine learning practices while adhering to deadlines and requirements.

  • Setup up and maintained Linux-based computer cluster used for various machine learning tasks and Kubernetes orchestration.

  • Upgraded modules to container-based deployments using Docker which streamlined the deployment pipeline.

  • Utilized cloud-based technology to manage pipelines, releases, and deployments, as well as Git to manage version control.

  • Applied best practices throughout the whole software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build procedures, testing, and operations, in collaboration with senior engineers and product management.

Web Developer @ KMF Ltd

Oct 2020 - Sept 2022

  • Worked with several platforms, frameworks, languages, and content management systems, including TypeScript, Gatsby, and Netlify which were used to build and manage a responsive web application.

  • Measured and analyzed user metrics to increase user engagement and also grew organic web traffic through SEO optimizations.


My Projects

Next.js TypeScript MongoDB Docker PHP JavaScript HTML CSS SQL Java C++ Gatsby.js Sass C


Movie and TV show focused web application which allows registered users to rate and comment on different media. Users can also create discussion boards to review movies.

Next.js TypeScript MongoDB Docker

URL Shortener

Web application which allows users to shorten URLs. The system can track and provide advanced analytics on usage about user’s location and visitation statistics. The application is also paired with a public facing API which allows users to securely manage their aliases.

Next.js TypeScript MongoDB Docker

Border Security System

Web-accessible database which can track the flow of traffic in and out of a city. The system can be implemented to preserve the safety of a city during a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.


Inventory Management System

A Java-based application that is used to manage the supply chain of a furniture inventory. The application finds the cheapest combination to fulfill a specific order from the available inventory.

Java SQL

Rental Property Management System

Desktop application which allows renters and landlords to connect. Renters can submit applications through the system and landlords can setup and manage properties. Users are also able to set up a notification for new property listings and send messages privately.

Java SQL

C++ Mini Projects

Collections of projects I made in C++ which includes huffman encoding program and a maze generator & solver


Portfolio Website

A responsive and interactive website outlining who I am and what projects I have worked on.

Gatsby.js TypeScript Sass

Proxy Server

The server can dynamically filter HTTP requests and responses; also contains functionality for blocking and redirecting network traffic.

C C++

Micro Servers and Load Balancer

This project implements client-server applications that deliver diverse services to consumers using a mix of TCP and UDP data transmission services. Each of these micro-services runs on its own micro-server and is coordinated by a "Indirection Server."

C C++

Stopwatch and Timer

PIC microcontroller-based circuit and stopwatch & timer application developed in C, keeping in mind human-computer interactions and power saving.



PIC microcontroller-based multimeter developed in C, keeping in mind human-computer interactions and power saving. The multimeter is used to measure voltage, resistance, and capacitance.


Sudoku Game and Solver

An efficient Sudoku solver which can also generate games for users to play

JavaScript HTML CSS

Tic Tac Toe - MinMax

You may test your talents against my AI or your friends in the single and two-player modes of the game.

Java JavaScript HTML CSS

Search Visualizer

Can be used to visualize how liner search and binary search work under the hood

JavaScript HTML CSS

Sort Visualizer

Can be used to visualize how merge sort, quick sort and selection sort work under the hood

JavaScript HTML CSS

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